Our history

For several years already, we support various projects in Nepal on a personal basis. In 1996, upon the request of Buddhist teacher (Tibetan: Lama) Löpon Chechoo Rinpoche, Ulla Schiel took charge of the education of a Tibetan child in Nepal.  Anna Elisabeth Bach had the chance to fund the education of a young girl living in the mountains; also, on a personal basis, we have supported the medical care of the Sangye Chöling Gompa in Kimdol-Swoyambhu/ Kathmandu for several years.

On 19/11/2006, in order to make our activities more official, Anna Elisabeth Bach founded the non-profit association "Himalaya Projekt e.V.". In the name of this association, we now handle projects in Nepal or support such projects that we feel deserve as much support as possible.

Our work is a 100% unsalaried and we hope to make a meaningful, even if small, contribution in Mustang and Nepal.

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