Manjushri Kindergarten - Sherpa Land - Nepal

Manjushri Kindergarten - Sherpa Land

Project 0 Nepal Himalaya Sherpa Foundation is a NGO established in 2014 A.D in Kathmandu, Nepal. It was established in order to pursue a certain goal that is to help all the children of all races, religions that are poor, back warded for their betterment and for their bright future. Project 0 provides education to such children, helps the families of the children by donating funds, helps poor monks and also helps in constructing and repairmen of various needed Schools, monasteries and stupas. Project 0 also provides free health care, checkups and distributes free medicine to those who cannot afford it 

The majority of people have been greatly benefitted by this project. The poor families have been getting free checkup for themselves and have been able to provide education with the help of this project. Project 0 has also planned on constructing a kindergarten for small children with the collaboration with the government school. The project 0 has also provided various help to the government schools by donating some major funds and food for the children. 

Many people have thought this project is really needful and helpful. They also have requested for furthermore free campaigns and this project has gotten a really good review by the locals. Also various trekking agencies have flourished overtime due to which locals living there have gotten various job opportunities and are able to promote their living standard. 

Due to the various trekking activities and various free medical campaigns performed till now many locals are able to learn many new things and express themselves to foreigners. The current year the project had planned for a free medical campaign but due to the current pandemic situation and the nationwide lockdown, It is unfortunate that this year the campaign could not be held. 

Furthermore This Project 0 NHSF and Everest zone could led more and help create a better future for the helpless children and their families. Many sectors of the Project 0 still has to be developed ,while it still has to help other numerous children living in remote areas. Perhaps we could consider that Project 0 still needs to get a focus by The Himalayan Projekt Society. 

The Ripal Nepal-German Kindergarten will be active under the umbrella of the Shree Mahadev Primary School, Tawer, Okhaldhunga district. Mr. Nuri Sherpa is teacher and member of the NHSF, he is guiding as teacher and future principal this project and explains now here how the Kindergarten can work.

  • 12 children can join
  • 3 teacher (2 nepali and 1 german)
  • 1 cook
  • 1 caretaker

The goal of this Kindergarten is to provide a basic education that the children can join, after the time here, in a second step a Primary School.

The teaching subjects are Alphabetical A,B,C , basic mathematics, basic Nepali language, basic German language, basic Tibetan language, Sports, Play Group and Himalayan Sherpa Arts (Painting, Instruments, Dance).

We would like to ask you for your kind support!

Please contact us and we can provide you the details. We need 40.000 Euro.




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