7b Restore of the Stupas

First on plan is Relic Stupa of the 1st Shangpa Rinpoche The passing away of the 1st Shangpa Rinpoche on the full moon day of the Tibetan 8th month of 1957 brought great sadness to all his disciples.

The Marang villagers built this Stupa and consecrated his Relics which were brought back from Dolpo. Till this day, on this anniversary date, the Ngagpa (lay practitioners) and villagers of Marang still make offerings and pay their respect to him in gratitude for his great and compassionate guidance.

  • In the past, there were lots of landslide at this place.
  • Above are the ruins of the stupas built by the 1st Shangpa Rinpoche to bless the place. After that, there was no longer any disaster in that area.


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