6a Tashi Palkhiel tibetan refugee camp Hemza

The camp was founded in 1960 with the authorisation of the Nepalese Government and built with the support of the Swiss Red Cross. 

The camp is still in use and an asylum for Tibetans. Presently 800 people live there. The living situation of the former refugees is still difficult. Without the support of foreign aid organizations, people there would be in a really difficult situation.

Anna Elisabeth Bach and Lhakpa Gyalje Sherpa visited the Jangchub Choeling  Monastery from 2nd - 10th March 2012, thereby they came to know more about the situation in the refugee camp. The monastery is under the guidance of Shangpa Rinpoche and Dubsing Rinpoche who also are very important supporters of the camp. People there address directly to both Karma Kagyü Lamas with their hardships and sorrows.

The first incarnation of Dubsing Rinpoche built a little monastery in Hemza in 1960, so to say as the heart of the refugee camp. In the course of time, a new monastery was built and many inaugurations and teachings took place, amongst others given by the 16th Karmapa Rangjung Rigpä Dorje, Shamar Rinpoche, Jamgön Kongtrul Rinpoche and other Buddhist masters of the Karma Kagyü lineage.

Anna Elisabeth Bach was able to meet Mrs. Tshering Doma who holds the position of a Settlement Officer and her secretary Tenzin Rabden and interviewed them about the situation in the camp. During the conversation they found out that especially the kindergarten is in urgent need of support. The kindergarten was also founded in 1960 and currently cares for 22 children aged between three and five years. Two teachers inform the children of the Lower and Upper  kindergarten and two old ladies from the camp supply the toddler group. An educational expert for the toddler group is absolutely necessary and a subsidy towards the kindergarten supply is required. At the moment the little ones receive only milk because the money is not sufficient for more food. 

We support the kindergarten by sponsorships, with toys and educational materials, clothes and the arranging of voluntary helpers. We feel it is very useful in the long run to ensure the financial basis of this kindergarten by organizing a school sponsorship in Europe and / or finding a company willing to support the kindergarten permanently.  In April 2013, thanks to a number of donations, we were able to effect the long overdue renovation works of the kindergarten's sanitary facilities.

Furthermore we provide sponsorship for the children and youngsters from the Tibetan refugee's camp to allow to them a school education. In Nepal school fees must be paid, school uniforms are bought for what the financial means of the families are not often sufficient.

The project is cared for by Sonja Radix, sonja.radix@himalayaprojekt.org  


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