6b sponsorship for the monk's schoolboys of the Jangchub Choeling monastery

During project trip in February 2013, Ven. Dupsing Rinpoche asked for our support for his monks (children and teenager) of Jangchub Choeling Monastery. 


The monks are being trained in Buddhist philosophy and also taught in English, Nepali and Tibetan (oral and written) as well as maths. They pass exams. The monks often stay in the monastery, but some of them also leave monastery life as young adults after their training has been completed or if they are obliged to support their families. In these cases, it is important that their scholar education is good so that they can find an employment. In Nepal, schools are liable to fees which many families cannot pay.   

The monastery provides the monks with all necessities. Monasteries are financed solely by donations. Since the financial situation of most parents is not good, they are not able to support the monastery and therefore their sons financially. In order to improve their training and the daily concerns (clothes, medical care, food) we are looking for people having excess who would like to sponsor the monks. The monthly sponsorship amount amounts 20-35 to €. With pleasure part sponsorship can be also taken over. The sponsorship money comes to all monk's schoolboys to good. 

We, especially Anna Elisabeth Bach and Lhakpa Gyalje Sherpa, visit the project sites normally two times a year and we would be happy to carry mail of the sponsors and of the sponsored children, so that an active correspondence is possible.

 Anna Elisabeth Bach

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